Everyday Objects | Visual Puns

For this brief, we were asked to use 2D imagery to transform everyday objects into exciting concepts. I decided to take one of them and turn it into a visual pun. A visual pun is defined as a pun involving an image in addition to or instead of language. They are easily recognisable because they often use elements of cliche and popular phrasing. I thought of various different puns that would work well with these objects e.g. "sweetness and light" a pattern of sweet foods to be printed onto a lamp OR "lite lunch" a pattern of lunch foods again to be printed on a lamp. However, the object I chose was a chair and the pun "glued to your seat". Definition: To be extremely interested in something; to be so involved with something that you cannot move. To illustrate this, I did a repeating pattern of glue. The brief said to create the pattern in our own style; I always work in paper so that is what I used to create my pattern.

Winners Showcase: Times Square NYC 12th - 20th April 2018 

The objects our winning artists reimagined will be showcased in an impossible-to-miss, 10-foot-tall glass cube on exhibit as part of  Design Pavilion.  Our new VELATM dynamic display-window technology will turn the cube’s glass walls into a digital display screen, cycling between rich color and videos of our artists at work. At intervals, the walls will become transparent to reveal the actual art within. As viewers walk around the cube, our JanelaTM smart-products platform will enable them to connect with the installation through their smartphones and share the content with friends and family around the world. All in all, the installation will integrate the physical with the digital in a new, compelling way.