Push Your Tools

The aim of the brief (D&AD New Blood 2017) was to share a piece of creative wisdom.


Many designers use the same tools and materials so the creative wisdom that I wanted to share was that when your are using a popular tool, in order to be different, you have to push your tools as far as they will go. My favourite tool is paper, so to illustrate the concept, I took paper and literally pushed it as far as it would go.


I created 18 pieces of paper transport; a mixture of cars helicopter and boats. I then coated them in a hydrophobic spray and sent them on voyages in the real world. I attached the helicopters to balloons, the cars to lorries and put the boats on rivers and streams.

Each one was sent with a finders manual. The hope was that upon discovery the finders would read the manual and post a photo of the piece of transport tagged with @paperarticles (the associated Instagram account) along with a location so that I could see how far it had gone.


This was just an experiment and I may never find out how far my tools went but at least I know that wherever my tools got to, I pushed them as far as they could go.